Theme Park Facts

Fun Facts about Disney World


Disney World is actually its own city. It spans 40 miles, and is the same size as San Francisco and two Manhattan Islands.

Ticket Cost

A one-day pass for a single person to a Disney World Park costs a minimum of $109.

Getting those steps in

The average person will take 20,000-30,000 steps per day at a Disney Park.

Are we there yet?

The longest verified wait time for Space Mountain was 167 minutes (2 hours 47 minutes).


The longest posted wait time for Froze Zone Ever After was 300 minutes, but verified wait time was 175 minutes (2 hours 55 minutes).


The average person will walk 10-12 miles in one day at a Disney World Park.


The average person will spend over 12 hours a day on their feet at Disney World.

Having trouble packing for Disney?

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More Facts

Water Features

Disney World has one of the tallest and most powerful fountains in the world.

Private Tour

You can take a private of the Animal Kingdom at night.


It would take you 52 years to do the laundry that Disney does in 1 day.


Disney World is actually its own city and Walt Disney helped organize the district.